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I filed October 8TH, 2013 and became a Candidate for Kansas Governor for the 2014 Election. I also became a Republican. Feel free to contact me. @HerbertIII on twitter. west.herb@yahoo.com , 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/ These websites are being used as an "In Kind Contribution", as they are mine and free through Google Blogger. See "Fair Market Value" at the, Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission's webpage. Posted by Herbert West III Campaign Treasurer for, Candidate for KS Governor 2014, Herbert West III, (R). E.I.N. 80-0953936.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Index of my websites and their contents.


1. Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012.

(I withdrew on August 4Th, 2011. See link as to why). I re-filed on November 10th, 2011 and am currently a Candidate for Sheriff.


2. Kansas bites.


3. Marketing Matters HLW3RD DBA.


A.. "Slot Tournaments".

B.. "Free Raffle Drawings".

C. "U.S.D. or P.T.A. Fundraiser Package".

D. "Home Mortgage Schedule Package"

E. "Employee Benefit Waiver/Bonus Concept/Package".

F. "Power Plant".

G. "Temporary Insurance".

H. "Office Of Locator".

I. "Free Self Defense Sites".

J. "Fuel Saver Idea".

K. "Recipes".

L. "Casino".

M. "Reality Internet? Live Webcam Shows"?

N. "FEMA Incident Command" (Program/Protocal).

4. Other Things.


5. Other things two.


6. Holy Shit Miami County Kansas.


7. Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Governor, 2010.


8. My Advertisement Raffle Business.


9. U.S.A. Business Advertisements.


10. "Slade, Youtube Video".

Slade, Run Run Away.

11. "Office of the Locator".


12. "How Wal-Mart is screwing us all".


13. "K.Q.R.C. 98.9 The Rock?".

http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2011/10/kqrc-989-rock.html I am seeing that the KQRC DJ's got set up. I am not sure how much pull they have. I do know that Entercom is dirty. Ask Max Floyd. Lets see how things go.

14. "Secretary of State Kobach fined $5,000.00".


15. Look at the post, "Act's of God, Versus,
Act's of Man". CLICK HERE

16. Ozzy Osbourne, "I don't want to stop". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/ozzy-osbourne-i-dont-want-to-stop.html

17. Rainmakers, "Downstream". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/rainmakers-downstream.html

18. "Motley Crue Music". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/motley-crue-kick-start-my-heart.html

19. "Spencer Davis Group". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/spencer-davis-group-gimme-some-lovin.html

20. "Jackyl" http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/jackyl-music-videos.html

21. "Shelia E". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/shelia-e-love-bizarre.html

22. "Bon Jovi". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/bon-jovi-lay-your-hands-on-me.html

23. "The Fireballs". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/fireballs-bottle-of-wine.html

24. "Bachman Turner Overdrive". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/bachman-turner-overdrive-takin-care-of.html

25. "Steppenwolf". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/steppenwolf-magic-carpet-ride.html

26. "AC/DC". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/acdc-long-way-to-top.html

27. "Lita Ford". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/lita-ford-hungry.html

28. "Ugly Kid Joe". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/ugly-kid-joe-everything-about-you.html

29. "KISS". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/kiss.html

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36. "Cinderella". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/cinderella-somebody-save-me.html

37. "Iggy Pop". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/iggy-pop-real-wild-child.html

38. "Gap Band". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/gap-band-you-dropped-bomb-on-me.html

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43. "Lady Gaga". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/lady-gaga-love-game.html

44. "Kid Rock". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/kid-rock-all-summer-long.html

45. "Poison". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/poison-talk-dirty-to-me.html

46. "Guns N' Roses". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/guns-n-roses-paradise-city.html

47. "Def Leppard". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/def-leppard-pour-some-sugar-on-me.html

48. Joan Jett And The Blackhearts". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/joan-jett-and-blackhearts-do-you-want.html

49. "Pink Floyd". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/pink-floyd-wall-full-album.html

This is a site or post in progress. You can find me at the above and at http://www.blogger.com/profile/10712587761042151134 Thanks, Herbert West 3rd.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I started a new business.

On April 5TH, 2011 I started a business. I received an E.I.N. from the I.R.S.. An E.I.N. is a Employer Identification Number. I am listed as being a, "Marketing Opinionist". My offerings are at http://usabusinessadvertisements.blogspot.com I have facilitated a "Poor Mans Copyright" on these offerings through the F.B.I. and the I.R.S.. Feel free to contact me at west.herb@yahoo.com or send me mail at 1601 E. Peoria #123, Paola Kansas, 66071.

I have started a new website for my Business. It is at, CLICK HERE, It is called, "Marketing Matters HLW3RD D.B.A.". Thanks again.

I updated the sight recently. You can see how Governor Brownback and Attorney General Derek Schmidt have attempted to jeopardize my business and hinder an average of $352,851.00 in Federal Tax Revenue, Illegally! Look at http://www.calcxml.com/do/inc02 and http://www.calcxml.com/do/inc05 They show an average of how much tax I will pay based on how much you think my company will make each year. I will file as a "SINGLE" status.

Friday, March 4, 2011

February 28TH, 2011 Update.

I am posting my letter of resignation as a Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012, here. It is self explanatory.

Page: 1 of 2 February 28Th, 2011.

To: Miami County Kansas Clerk


Kansas Governmental Ethics

Comes this February 28Th, 2011. I, Herbert West 3rd, do hereby resign my position as a Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012 and stop my campaign accordingly. I have spent zero in 2011 and have collected zero in 2011. I have witnessed acts of, Larceny, Profiteering, Privatising, and have been illegally evicted. I was Strong Arm Extorted by the Sheriff's Office, the County Attorney and the County of Miami County Kansas. I was forced from my residence by illegal force and without regard to my rights to a District Court Hearing. My Boarding House Room was broken into and I had stuff stolen as well as my computer was destroyed. Sgt. Minckly refused to do an update and he stole my shotgun. I later got it back. That case number case# is 2010-1599. I was threatened by Representative Vickreys son and Deputy McDaniels and Sgt. Cornelius covered it up. Jennifer McDaniels, and Sgt. Randy Cornelius took bribes from Mike Davis, the Miami County Zoning Director. I have witnessed the Miami County Republic Publisher be allowed to steal information from the Sheriff's Office and has been allowed to use this stolen information free of charge do to her relationship with Sheriff Kelly. Sheriff Kelly has committed felonies and is allowed to remain Sheriff. He is allowed to lie and fraud the need for a $18 million dollar jail to launder the stolen money and the loss of revenue from the illegal activity of giving information free to the Miami County Republic. We, as citizens of Miami County will have to pay a higher sales/personal property tax, to fund this form of prostitution. I won the 2008 election by default. Sheriff Kelly committed a felony in September 2008. This made his ballot position illegal and the votes are legally considered, "Dead Votes". I don't need to become Sheriff to expose the corruption in this County.

Page: 2 of 2

His son is allowed to remain a suspect in the Kara Kopetsky case. The County/City commits Felonies by allowing Grain Alcohol at the "Roots Festival". This a Felony. The discrimination of only allowing one family to have a family reunion is a form of discrimination. I ask, "How much sales tax doe's Miami County Citizens babies asses generate during the ""Roots Festival""? am tired of arguing with Terrorists. I am tired of being around people who commit Treason. I was investigated for, "Sexual Exploitation of a Child", because I turned in a Child Molester to "Child Protective Services" in Topeka Kansas at the S.R.S. Hotline. Sheriff Kelly was covering for Guido Rutledge who was and is being investigated by S.R.S. for endangering his minor children. Guido owns "Bonita Flats", a strip club in Olathe Kansas. He is at 1-913-226-5018. I am tired of the lame excuses and the games being played. I am tired of the abuse and sale of children in this County. I am tired of the "House Call Strippers" in this County. I am just tired of the "Child Endangerment and the Extortion" being committed by the Sheriff's Office. I am tired of the EMS being allowed to endanger us all and the County Commissioners thinking they own us. They don't!!!! I could write a book about the crap in this County and the connections up into the State level. I will just finalize by asking again, "How Much Sales tax Doe's Your Babies Ass Generate During The ""Roots Festival""?

Herbert West 3rd____________________________


I faxed letter this to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission and hand delivered it to the Miami County Kansas County Clerk on Monday, February 28TH, 2011. Thanks for hearing me out.

lets look at more information in regards to the above letter.

1. This letter was published in the Miami County Republic Newspaper.



A task force aimed at investigating options for solving overcrowding at the Miami County Jail was officially formed last week by the Miami County Commission.

During their March 2ND meeting, commissioners appointed 19 community members to serve on the panel, which was scheduled to have its first meeting at 6.m. Tuesday at the Miami County Administration Building. The meetings which will take place the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month through July, are open to the public.

Former Commissioner Lyle Wobker, who repeatedly asked has questioned why his recommendations for the committee were not approved, is not on the task force. He had suggested that himself and Joshua Furnish serve on the approved list. Commissioner Rob Roberts said it was decided that one nomination would be accepted from Wobker and one from new Commissioner Danny Gallagher.

The names of the task force members were read at the meeting. They include John Hammond, Don Jordan, Larry Summer, Kirk Johnston, Raymond McLanhan, Ronald Wood, Jan Sykes, Josh Furnish, Bruce nelson, Beverly Shane, Nate Apple, Pete Pueser, Pat Tagler, Trish Whisler, Jackie Davis, Stephen Feinstein, Dave moll, Mark Williams and Bill Butler. The five county commissioners, Sheriff Frank Kelly and Miami County Sheriff's office employee Andrea Martin also are expected to be a part of the group.

There was other things listed in the letter/article but it did not pretain to this subject.

I find it very disturbing that Bill Butler would be allowed to sit on a County Task Force as he is the Administrator of the Osawatomie State Hospital. He is also the Director of Security there. His wife, Patricia Butler is a nurse there. She keeps releasing State Mental Health Files. Psychic files to Sheriff Kelly illegally. He is on the Miami County Republican Party Board. Patricia is the Chairwoman. Bill Butler is the Chairman of the Silver haired Legislation in Miami County Kansas. They are using their Republican connections to launder information Illegally to each other and the Party. Governor Brownback is using these files to close K.N.I. and to manipulate Privatizing the State Hospital Patients into Private facilities. That is a form of servitude. Commissioner Rob Roberts is the Miami County Kansas Republican Party Treasurer. The patients will be sent to the private sector like, The Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Hospital in Gardner Kansas. This is wrong for two big reasons. Money and structure. In State Facilities, the inspectors have no road blocks. In Private Facilities, they are stonewalled and blocked from investigating these facilities and making sure the patients are safe and cared for by the book. Financial? When a patient is in these facilities the State pays about $5,000.00 a month in insurance for each patient. Any money left over at the end of the month is returned to the State, Medicare/Medicaid fund. In a private facility, the left over funds are kept and used for non-medical functions. And they provide less care and steal our tax money. Governor Parkinson, Governor Brownback and a lot of Legislatures have stock in Private Companies who are based out of State. They are getting bribes/kick backs for allowing the closure of these facilities. That is SERVITUDE!!

I have stated before, Sandy Nelson, publisher of the Miami County Republic, is getting the Sheriff's Office reports from the Sheriff's Office for, "FREE". Everyone else, to include other Media Outlets, must pay $3.00 a report. She doesn't have to pay because she is sleeping with Sheriff Kelly and the paper is still operated as a Republican Newspaper. Sheriff Kelly wants the tax payers in Miami County to come up with $18 million dollars for a new jail. Sandy Nelson is not a $18 million dollar hooker/prostitute.

Further Prostitution! The Strip Clubs in Johnson County also did Craig's list strippers and Hotel Call Girl's. They now changed it to Cupid.com Some of these girl's work in the Private Facilities. That is where they get their drugs. They are Nurses, CNA's, Physical Therapist etc:.. Governor Brownback knew that Lt. Governor Collier did, and still does, Breast Implants for the Porn Industry. Patrick Brady, who ran for Governor in 2010, owns, "Pawn Your Sex Tapes" . Senator Holland provides the Internet Software for this company. They profit from the Cupid.com "House Call Girl's", and the Internet Porn Industry. That is why they want the Clubs shut down. People watch the Clubs to see who goes to them, to include politicians. If these girls visit the homes instead, there is no regulation. that is Prostitution, Tax Invasion, Drug Dealing etc:..

I am also concerned with the availability and the Illegal allow ability of alcohol above the Federal 2.3 level at the Roots Festival in Paola Kansas/Miami County Kansas every August.

Please look into this, I am tired of the Illegal Activity's.

**Update March 11TH, 2011**

Under Sheriff Mark Schmidt has informed me that, "There will be no investigation into Sgt. Wayne Minckly". He further states, "The Deputies can pull their guns without justifying this action at anytime". Steven Culp, with the KSCPOST, has confirmed this policy. "COPS are allowed to shoot and kill people without probable cause"!! I am demanding that these, "TERRORIST", be removed.


******************Update September 10Th 2011**********************

I scanned the Sheriff's Office report and it can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. I realize I promised the named individual I would not continue to post the information. I have decided that Sgt. Cornelius and Deputy McDaniel, need to be removed from the Sheriff's Department for falsifying a report. They further committed, "PERJURY", K.S.A. 21-3805 in falsifying the information to aide Al Massoth in the Law Suit I had filed against him. They refused to document that it was an Off Duty Deputy who drove Jene Vickrey's son, Jacob to the house. Not the party that they named in the report. I had filed a complaint for "Phone Harassment" against Al Massoth and it was still in Court Preceding. I will be pursuing legal action to remove all parties who broke the Law.

Furthermore, I posted somemore information. CLICK HERE It shows who Sgt. Cornelius and Deputy McDaniel lied about. It also shows Jacob Vickrey, Jene Vickreys son, who was there. I feel they committed "SERVITUDE"


Lets look deeper into Sgt. Wayne Minckly and Guido Rutledge. What is wrong with girls going to peoples houses and stripping for cash? They are under age! These girls are between 16 and 18. They strip for guys who are under 18. They are acting like a live, "Playboy or Hustler Magazine". That is, "Sexual Exploitation of a Child". They falsified a report against me because they what to say I am retaliating in my comments here. Miami County has always rewarded those who don't snitch and they punish those that do snitch. Applebee's gave free dinners and held a party for the kids who refused to snitch out the people who provided alcohol to kids for a pasture party. The kids who gave the information to the Sheriff's Office were suspended and punished. Read, http://wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1372

How to further prove the High school kids are getting under age girl visits? Do a sweep on their cell phones. Look for patterns and frequent numbers dialed. Example, Guido had a second phone on his cell line. The girl i spoke with used it to set up, "So called, Dates". This will show that the people called or called her, are athletes at the K-12 public schools. It will also show that these are all minors. If the kids come clean they should not be punished as adults. they are children. The adults who are exploiting the kids need charged and convicted as adults. A statistic sweep is not invasion of privacy. The Federal Government is obligated to review any and all allegations they receive. I am contacting them on this and demanding that they review the allegations to protect these children. using a cell phone to set up a, "Strip Date", is a form of, "Sexting" and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexting !! It needs to stop. How many of these girls are raped by their adult escorts, who deliver them to these boys? How many of these boys are threatened and beat up for telling on these adults? Where do you think Hustler gets his, "Barely Legal Girls", for his videos? The "End Zone" brags about have connections with the, "Bunny Ranch" , in Nevada. Look at, "Sex Tourism", , and also note, Kansas doesn't utilize the Center for Missing and Exploited Children Resources!! That is scary!!!! http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PageServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US&PageId=1346 These illegal activities have to stop.
I suggest that you visit the links below and contact anyone and everyone on the list to get help for your kids and to stop the "Sexual Exploitation" of them.

K.S.D.E. Kansas Department of Education: http://www.ksde.org/

K.S.D.E. Staff Directory: http://www.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=1639

K.B.I. Kansas Bureau of Investigations:

F.B.I. Federal Bureau of Investigations: http://www.fbi.gov/

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PublicHomeServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US

Communication and not giving up is the best and safest approach to expose and remove these bullies. Save a kid, get involved!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I am the legal Sheriff of Miami County Kansas.

**Update**, January 18TH, 2011**
I have found that the KSA links below have been blocked by the State. You can type in the KSA number in a window search and I will be fixing what I can. Also see my new link/article at, http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2011/01/where-are-we-now.html
**Update October 24TH, 2010.**

I had to place this new link here. It is self explanatory. It is an article that thanks those who saved my life on October 2ND, 2010. Go to http://hlwiiiotherthings.com/2010/10/thanks-to-those-who-saved-my-life.html to read the article. It is titled, "Thanks to those who saved my life".

**Update October 30TH, 2010**

Read:.. "Nathan Stiles". It shows my concerns about this tragedy. I am concerned about three things with this young mans life and death. Please consider my motives in trying to stop it from happening again. I feel there are factors being covered up.

**Update November 12TH, 2010***

Read, "The Miami County Kansas Republican Voters Society". Thanks again.

**Update November 18Th, 2010**

Check out, "DISAPPOINTED". It is self explanatory.

**Update** Dec 15Th, 2010**

Read up on my approach in filing, "Re-Call Petitions", in Miami County Kansas soon, http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2010/12/recall-petitions.html

Also see, http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2010/12/usaa.html and http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2010/12/one-million-dollar-stimulus.html
Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012.

**The below article was started around the middle or end of August. I had to place the above update where it is to thank those who saved my life. Thanks for understanding.**

I will try to get to the point. In 2008 Kyle Kelly, the son of Sheriff Kelly in Miami County Kansas, was arrested and charged with 8 Felonies. See http://www.republic-online.com/200902111384/news/miami-county-news/burglary-sentences-enforced.html When he was arrested and processed the Sheriffs Office did not take a D.N.A. sample as required by Law. See K.S.A.21-2511. In this Sheriff Kelly is responsible and committed and was in the "Commission of a Felony", K.S.A. 21-3808, shows he Obstructed Process. K.S.A. 19-817 shows he is responsible as the Sheriffs Office Administration. They also broke the Law and used an out of District Special Prosecutor. Heather Jones is the D.A. of Franklin County. She is in the "4TH District". David Miller, our Miami County D.A. is in the, "6Th District" . That is also where Kyle was arrested and processed. Special Prosecutors are supposed to be appointed by the Judicial Society of the District where the case is on trial. They use the Lawyer Elector's. Each District has a Court Appointed Lawyer List and a Lawyer Elector List. This was not followed. This means by Kansas Law, Sheriff Kelly's votes are Dead Votes. You cannot be in the Commission of a Felony, Obstruction of Justice, have a Felony Conviction etc:.. and run for Sheriff. That makes me the legal Sheriff of Miami County Kansas by Default. I am stating so within 2 years of the Statute of Limitations for a Civil Complaint. Elections are a form of Civil Government. I feel the citizens of Miami County deserve a legal Sheriff.

Since I started complaining about this I was illegally evicted from my residence and retaliated against by David Miller, Sheriff Kelly, etc:.. Case# 2010CR-000172 was filed and my landlord Al Massoth frauded his affidavit for a court appointed lawyer. He did not list his Boarding House income. That means his Court Appointed Lawyer cannot represent him. David Miller refused to disclose this to the Judge. He committed Perjury and Contempt. The City of Paola Evicted me Illegally through, "Extortion". K.S.A. 58-25,102 states the District Courts have Jurisdiction in all Landlord/Tenant matters of conflict. Also review, K.S.A. 58-25,120, shows that I have 30 days after a Court hearing and ruling to fix the problems or then vacate the residence. They threw me out in 5 minutes with out a hearing or a, ""Legal DUE PROCESS""! Also see K.S.A. 58-2553 which shows the responsibilities of the landlord. He should have been subpoenaed to court and held accountable, not me. Also see K.S.A. 58-2505 which shows I must be given a 30 days notice to vacate the the property, not a verbal 5 minutes. Also see K.S.A. 58-2504 and K.S.A. 58-25,125 for further information. The City of Paola broke the law. So did the Miami County Sheriff's Office. See K.S.A. 21-3701 . I will keep you updated as I am still living in a tent and using a library computer.

Other things to consider. I cannot vote in City elections in Paola Kansas because that address, 803 S. East Street, Paola Kansas, 66071, is out of the City Limits. It says Paola because the address is on a dead end City Road. The property is in the county jurisdiction. I don't pay city property tax, I don't pay city taxes or fees on my car tags. I cannot run for Paola City election positions. And, when they put in the new water line, it was gear re ducted down to the county allowed rate of "
Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate". Mike Davis, who runs all the codes departments, steals land develops it and gets kickbacks from the cities and the county. They are stopping me from becoming Sheriff because I would look back 2 years and help anyone who was wronged. I am the kind of guy who would file on the Government. They are trying to hide their corrupt acts. I am looking into a, "Writ of Mandamus". I will also be looking into this being facilitated as an "Ex_parte" request. I will also be looking into "Writ's" that can restore my rights that were neglected. All the "Growth Zone" is for, is if someone wants to build a 100 unit apartment unit complex within 3 miles of a City then the City can look at this because of the sewage, water, and other utility's that would be required and become an expense or burden on the City without any reimbursement or taxation into the City. It is for, "Economic Development", only!! Any codes violations in the county are served and cited by the county and those fines follow Kansas Statutes, not City Ordinances, by Kansas Constitutional Law. See the link, "HERE", and read the top of page four there that shows the differences between City and County Home Rules! Also see, "Kansas Legislative Research", it has alot of information. Remember, I ran for Kansas Governor for 17months. I researched alot of information. I studied the "Home Rule" very closely.

Also see, Chapter_19 and Chapter_19b. They show the requirements I have been speaking of.

Please take the time to read my blog website at http://holyshitmiamicountykansas.blogspot.com/2010/07/yea-i-did-it-again.html It explains why I am the legal Sheriff of Miami County Kansas. I does have a lot of other opinions in that post. It is a longer post but is extremely important. Also read http://holyshitmiamicountykansas.blogspot.com/2010/04/evolution-of-corruption-in-miami-county.html I have been retaliated against and I am currently illegally barred from my residence.

I guess you can see why Sheriff Kelly blocked his sons D.N.A. here . Matt is Kyles, Loiusburg Cop's, brother!!!

I am still a Candidate for Sheriff. The Miami County Government and the Paola City Government don't want me to succeed. They don't want to have to stop their corruption. Take the time to read my blogs and please look into your rights as well as mine. You might want to read this K.S.A. 21-3449 also.

September 28TH, 2010,

A new jail?? Since when?? I ran for Sheriff in 2008 and mentioned a new jail. Sheriff Kelly denied the need then. He further denied the need in 2009. I designed a building/jail and was in the process of setting this in to motion, in 2008. The design would have saved the tax payers huge amounts of money. Read, the "2009 article", and the "2010 article". Again, Kelly has communicated different stats and information than he stated during the election and articles that followed. What he is withholding is that the jail keeps $20.00 of each days $70.00 received for housing inmates per day. Detention centers receive $70.00 for each inmate a day for their stay while in jail. The $20.00 is without any overhead. The receiving jail only gets $50.00 a day instead of $70.00 a day. They get $20.00 less to house our inmates. Again, the stats are being padded and manipulated to falsely justify steal tax money. I, again, am the legal Sheriff right now.

**Update January 14TH, 2011**
Look at this study from 2006, CLICK HERE.

See above. What would I do if appointed as the, "DEFAULT JUDGMENT SHERIFF", today? I would appoint all Sgt. Shift Supervisors to, "Pro Tempore Under Sheriff's". They would function as Shift Supervisors and they would run the Under Sheriff position as a board or committee. All those decisions would be a committee decision. They would also receive a, "Per Diem" , budget as they would not receive a raise in pay. A "Per Diem" is reimbursement for expense while functioning, "Pro Tempore". Nothing in administration is imminent and requires an abrupt emergency decision. The streets require abrupt emergency decisions. The Under Sheriff's pay would fund the, "Per Diem", budget. The difference between the Sheriff's pay and the Under Sheriff's pay plus $100.00 would go to them in the, "Pro Diem", budget. I made that clear in the 2008 election. I would only be receiving $100.00 above the Under Sheriff pay. Right now I am owed, one year at the Deputies pay and this year at the Under Sheriff's pay plus $100.00. Sheriff Kelly committed Felonies in 2008's election cycle. He refused to take his sons D.N.A. and his Campaign Treasurer was convicted on Felonies from his campaign. The candidate is also charged and convicted. Harold Sevy was charged and convicted on Felonies from Kelly's campaign. Stop the crap, complain to the, County Clerk, The Secretary of State, the State, the local Republican Party, the K.B.I., the Attorney Generals Office and communicate with each other.

So far the Kansas Secretary of State, Chris Biggs and the Kansas Attorney General, Steven Six have refused to investigate and intervene. I find this very disturbing. I e-mailed Kris Kobach and Derek Schmidt. I e-mailed, KCTV5, KMBC9 and WIBW13 and they have yet to respond. The Miami County Republic also refuses to look into this. So doe's the Miami County Clerk. I hope this election removes, A.G. Six, Secretary of State Biggs and anyone else who is a liar! I don't like Kobach. But at least he doesn't lie. I don't like his views and his statements, but at least he doesn't lie!

September 29TH, 2010.

I saw something odd yesterday. I saw a Deputy behind a car and a Paola Police Officer behind the Deputy. The Paola Police Officer was talking with the cars driver while the Deputy stood back by his car. I wonder if the driver received a Municipal fine amount or a Uniform Code fine amount. They vary by hundreds of dollars. If the Deputy made the stop, the driver should receive a Uniform Code ticket, not a Municipal Code ticket. Just curious.

**Update October 23RD, 2010.**

Lets look at what I am owed. The current illegal Sheriff receives $62,500.00 a year. That times four years is, $250,000.00 and they owe me for a Law Enforcement Degree. That is an average of $30,000.00. I also feel they owe me for sabotaging my current campaign. That is another $250,000.00, for blocking my chance in the 2012 election cycle. Yea, that is $530,000.00 for allowing, "Sheriff Jackass", to be a "Felon" and using him to break the Law without any interference. The County Government and the City Government feel that they have a free ride in breaking the Law by keeping him in office. That is why they are keeping him in Office. I feel I can find an attorney who will be glad to file a law suit and collect 1/3 of $530,000.00. Enough is enough!!!

**Update October 26TH, 2010.**

Per the elections Office at the Kansas Secretary of State's Office, "Sheriff Kelly was never, "Convicted", of a Felony". He won't investigate himself. The Miami County District Attorney refuses to do investigations or activate the K.B.I. to do investigations, so he is allowed to commit Felonies as Sheriff. I feel this is a typical show of how the Government functions with its own rules and they feel they are above the Law. This little game gives the voters something to look at. I will be using this little game in the election for the 2012 candidacy. I have not committed any Felonies. He has. He is allowed, per the Government. We will see what the voters feel towards Sheriff Frank Kelly and District Attorney David Miller.

**Update October 29TH, 2010.**

I e-mailed about 10 people at the Kansas State and County Offices of the Republican Party today. We will see if they decide to investigate this or cover it up like the rest of the State and Miami County Government.

**Update October 29TH, 2010.**

Please read my article about, Nathan Stiles. He was killed in a football game in Osawatomie Kansas. Here is the link, Nathan Stiles.

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012. west.herb@yahoo.com

Also see my new post's at:..

My Blogger Profile scroll to the bottom of that page and click on any of those links you want to read.


Clcik on any of the links here and read the K.S.A.'s. The State has blocked access to the links and refuses to jusitfy as to why.


21-2511, 19-817, 21-3808, 58-25,102, 58-25,120,58-2553, 58-2505, 58-2504, 58-25,125, 21-3701, 21-3449,


Monday, August 2, 2010

Reminder, August 2ND, 2010.


I am using all these websites as an, "In-Kind", Contibution for my campaign for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012. I still use them for personal use, also.

I am using one of my other websites for my Campaign as a Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012. It is at www.holyshitmiamicountykansas.blogspot.com Thanks and keep in touch.

Also remember to check out:..


to see all my other websites.

I usually update the websites and their posts by either adding to the bottom of each post, or section/area within a post, with a date and time or I also write new posts, all together. You will find opinions on many topics, recipes, martial art instructions, and quite a few other things. Enjoy these websites and stay in touch. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 1-913-294-9375 or e-mail me at west.herb@yahoo.com Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2010. Herbert West 3rd, Campaign Treasurer.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pinks is a, racket!!!

Read this, "Bull Shit Article" , Rich Christensen at rich@richchristensen.com is a liar and a thief. He has stated, "He created Pinks and everything in the show". He did not create Drag Racing. He did not create Drag Racing for "Pink Slips". He did not create a camera. He did not create cable TV or Speed TV. Who invented Drag Racing? Lets look, 1. Who invented Drag Racing? 2. Who invented Drag Racing? 3. Who invented Drag Racing?

I don't see Rich Christensen anywhere in these historic links.

What is a "Pink Slip"?

He created California "Pink Slips" or Titles? Again, he did not create jack shit. He has committed Felonies in every State hhe has set up Drag Races where people gamble their cars. He further states, "He created "Pinks", to stop people from street racing". "Bull Shit"!!! High School Drags and Grudge Racing at Drag Strips was developed to stop street racing.

Yea, Topeka P.D. and the State of Kansas as well as the City of Topeka condone Illegal Gambling, and excepted bribes. This is another example of the double standard where they are allowed and we get the shaft!

Rick Peterson at the Topeka Capitol Journal deleted my comments questioning Rich Christensen and the Heartland Park Topeka Drag Strip.

Also read there new article:..



Look at the date I sent this article/post to Nate. It is before the 2008 theft of my concept for the fastest time.

I had concepted, "The fastest time gets a pay out. Then the fastest time from all the competitions would set up a final, year long, competition". It would have been the finale of the season. Heartland Park Topeka knew and helped ripped me off. E-mail them at cgallas@hpt.com or swarta@hpt.com .

I don't feel N.A.P.A. and "Pinks" should be allowed to steal.

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012. http://holyshitmiamicountykansas.blogspot.com/

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I became a Candidate for Sheriff again.

I filed an, "Appointment of Treasurer Form", last week and I am actively a Candidate for the 2012 Election, for Miami County Kansas Sheriff. See me at http://holyshitmiamicountykansas.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why I resigned.

I resigned for many reasons. I still have many concerns about how our state is ran. I will list and explain each reason.

1. My health.

My blood pressure went to 176 over 120's. I was put on blood pressure meds. Now my pressure is about 136 over 76. Normal levels average 120 over 80. My blood pressure problems are secular too my Factor V Leiden. That is a liver blood disorder. It cause severe blood clots and depletes my ability to carry oxygen. My breathing is getting worse, not better. My skin is getting infections as my immune system is slowing down.

2. Disability rules.

If I was to win the Governor race, I would loose my disability and health insurance the very second I make more than $14,987.00 in a single year. The position of Governor pays, $110,000.00 a year. If I was not reelected, I could not return to disability for the same disorder that I suffer from now. I would loose my health insurance and disability income forever. I would be able to get a job, do to having pre-existing medical conditions. Governors no longer get severance pay or benefits when faithfully leaving office in Kansas.

3. Legislative bullies.

The Kansas Constitution demands that the Governor has to write a reason and show just cause, in veto power usage. The Kansas Legislature is not required to do the same. All they have to do is get 2/3 of the Senate and 2/3 of the House to override the veto. Even if the veto is because the Bill is illegal, it still can be overridden by those breaking the Law. Yea, the Kansas Legislatures.

4. Dictating elect positions.

The parties, not the Governor appoints or fills vacant Representative an Senate seats. The people can Recall Petition corrupt Senators and Representatives, but they cannot decide the replacements. The parties are the only ones who do this. Yea, the parties dictate the elect positions.

5. The Legislature and the Governor already broke the Law and the Attorney General endorsed this.

The State wide smoking ban superceded, "Home Rule". This is unconstitutional. Each city and county has the right to "Self Governance". Home rule was put in place by a peoples referendum. Read it at


6. I don't want to become a thief.

All I would be able to do as Governor, is show the corruption and, by the powers of the job, would not be allowed to fix them. I would be paid $110,000.00 out of your tax money just to show the problems and denied the power to fix the problems by the very corrupt Legislation committing treason.

7. Also read:..


8. What I still offer.

I can and will still expose corruption in Kansas. I will work towards setting up meetings and exposing the corruption. I will help advise the citizens in all of the 105 counties and all the 627 cities in Kansas. We all have witnessed corruption in Kansas politics. We need to complain at the County/City level and demand they uphold our "Home Rule" rights. We need to demand that we are heard. We need to constantly file against and protest the capitol. We need to demand local accountability from our Commissioners and City Counsel Members. We need to run our state. We need to stop our state from running through us!

Contact me at west.herb@yahoo.com or 1-913-294-9375.

**Update** **June 12TH, 2010**



**Update** June 18TH, 2010**


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Due to Health reasons, I have resigned.

My blood pressure was up to 176 over 120 and it is now 156 to 146 over 86. I am having a harder time breathing. My Liver disorder and blood disorder cannot tolerate stress. I don't see Legislation changing and I don't see where I could make a difference. I will still expose corruption and I will still file concerns and post my views. I will never completely go away. I feel I can better suit my neighbors by staying who I am and not sacrificing what or who I am. I hope you understand. Please choose well this election cycle. We really need our State back. I will not be endorsing any candidate for Governor. I do endorse Kansas Secretary of State Chris Biggs for Secretary of State. Thanks again,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Taking back our State.

Why have we let 165 Legislatures and 1 Governor take our State away from us? Lets reflect. Kansas Voters elect their Legislature's and Governor. Yea, we the people the citizens of Kansas, would be the Registered Voters of Kansas and their families. By Kansas Law, every State Representative is up for re-election in this Aug/Nov 2010 General Election Cycle.

All 125 of them.


There are also, 40 Senators:..


"Write Somebody Else In". Make sure that you have convinced everyone else, in your Representative District, to "Write In" the same name. Then if 2/3 or more of the State Representatives are removed, by their Districts, we can start in taking back our State. Here is what we are up against.

We either:..

..1. Keep, Re-Elect them.

..2. Write in a name to replace each of them, in Nov 2010. If the "Write In" candidates get the most votes, we win.

..3. If someone is "Written in, wins and doesn't want it, the Governor Appoints the vacancy to fill their replacement. The Representative who lost cannot be re-appointed, they would have just, LOST!

..4. If they are "Written In" and want it, they keep it, they become the Representative.

..5. If all Districts consider this, to support each other, we can take back the State.

..6. If and when elected Governor, I will be appointing vacancy positions, as Governor, and listening to each and everyone of you.


The procedure is as follows:..


It doesn't specify what happens or which party decides, by convention, after a General Election Canvass vacancy has occurred. So read:..


..7. Senator Holland will not buck the Legislature. Look at his Voting Record over his Senate Career:.. http://kansasvotes.org

U.S. Senator is just as bad if not worse. Joann Heffington is so lost she thinks God is on her payroll.

..8. How would I fill these Vacancies caused by the people use of a "Write In"? Lets further define, "Write In". If the same name is used more in a "Write In" space on a General Ballot, that name wins. If that person did not campaign, they can decline to accept the position and then the position becomes vacant. If they choose to stay, they can. Again, if 2/3 of the Legislature cannot be available by the January 2011 Session Opening of the States Legislature, I as Governor will have to appoint the replacement. I will accept "Appointment Applications" and then I will introduce all those people who submitted Applications for Appointment", to the Districts they chose to Represent and the people of that District will let me know who they want. You don't have to be a Registered Voter to help in this last part. All I need is a clear front runner or a clear decision given to me as a, "Nomination for Appointment". I will then ask the "NEW LEGISLATURE" to retract a few new B.S. Bills/Laws that the removed Representatives passed this 2010 year.

..Take back our State, educate and vacate their positions so we can, "Take Back Our State". I don't want to be elected to steal from you or to cover my ass as a current "Legislative Thief". I gain no more than you all. Please don't let them continue in taking us all to the cleaners.

**Update** April 16TH 2010.

Evil_Little_Bunny below in the comment section is a dumbass. Please refer to the article/comment section at:..


**Update** April 29TH, 2010**

Read http://moralmatters.org/Com21907PoliticalExtortion.html

**Update** May 02ND, 2010**

Lets look at the bigotry in Kansas Politics.


Kris Kobach doesn't need to be the Kansas Secretary of State. We don't need a "BIGOT", in, "OUR", Government. I am leaning towards Chris Biggs. He seems fair, thorough and issue orientated.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I know. Try to Understand.

**UPDATE** February 24TH, 2010. Please read the lower part of this post and the links provided before taking the "POLL". Either way, thanks for your participation.

I re-filed and am back as a Candidate for Kansas Governor this February 22ND, 2010. I ask that people try to understand the circumstances that have evolved and that they keep an open mind. I will keep everyone updated. Remember, I have a "POLL" at


Please read post/article below before you take the "POLL",


and my earlier post/article,


Thursday, February 18, 2010

It is official.

I officially resigned yesterday. Yea, I quit my bid to be the Governor of Kansas. You can call Brian in the elections office at the Secretary of States Office. That number is 1-785-296-4561. Why did I quit? Many reasons.

1. Sen. Tom Holland was allowed to use a, "Public School Zone", for a political press conference. Anyone arrested for gun or narcotic possession will fight to have their charges dropped if they were or are currently charged with reference to them being in a school zone. It is less of a charge that way. Any other situation will be viewed the same.

2. The Democratic Party is illegally giving support, services and "In-Kind" contributions to Sen. Holland during Legislative session. That is illegal. No Kansas Candidate can receive contributions during Legislative Session unless it is from private individuals only. See K.S.A. 25-4153a

3. The Media withheld my campaign bid for a year. When they did mention me they fragmented it and slandered me.

4. U.S. Senator Brownback will get stock returns from the media when he advertises through them. He will get contribution money back for personal use.

5. Governor Parkinson and the Kansas Legislature have set a $One Billion debt on the Kansas Citizens for N.B.A.F.. It will take 10 years to balance the budget. 10 years of us, getting screwed.

6. The Kansas Constitution is not being followed. Public Education is being raped! The States Supreme Court cannot, or will not, even enforce their own rulings.

7. Governor Parkinson is committing "Human Trafficking". Again, the State supports him in terrorizing these Kansas Citizens.

8. The Media launders money through the United Way.

9. The Legislature refuses to acknowledge us citizens. No matter who makes Governor, if the Governor veto's a Bill with 100% justification, the Legislature can override them 2/3 of the Legislature voting against the veto. Why do we have a Governor?

10. Kansas Governmental Ethics refused to address these or any issue. They only look at follow Legislative orders. They have refused to properly investigate ethic breeches, and they have two sets of rules for the same election. I got tired of the "Fuck You" policy when others got the "I will help you Fuck-em Policy".

11. If the citizens want to fix these problems it is on them. I kept seeing people believing lies and excepting business as usual. It seems like people in Kansas are proud of being bent over and screwed.

12. Governor Parkinson and Governor Sebelius broke the Law and breached National Security. So did Adjutant General Bunting. See:.

K.S.A. 48-203


They accepted an over abundance of Troops, from the other State's, removing the other 49 States Governor's, "States Commander In Chief, State Respective Constitutional Rights" in those other State's. This also gives the Kansas Governor the authority to control, "National Security, Executive Privileges", in the other 49 States, by his refusal to cooperate with those Governor's. He can and doe's refuse the return of Troops back to the other States. This makes them expendable in Kansas and weakens the ability's of the other 49 State's, to function equally with in a United Democracy. That is why Kansas has so many, "SO CALLED EXPENDABLE TROOPS", to deploy over seas.

13. I could list every K.S.A. that has been broken. The Attorney General refuses to look into these Laws being broken, as doe's Kansas Governmental Ethics.

Thanks, for what its worth for looking into me and the election. I just did not see enough people looking to make a difference. You can see my comments at:..



I don't know why but the Secretary of States Office is refusing to open up my resignation link. They said people have to go to http://www.kssos.org/ directly.

Thanks again.

**UPDATE** Saturday, February 20Th 2010, 9:19 am.

My future plans/options.

1. "Write In Candidate" per:..

K.S.A. 25-3002


K.S.A. 25-305b


2. I can refile and/or Amend my Electronic Filing before June 10TH 2010 filing deadline. I am not 100% sure if I Amend my report filing report, that it will reopen the candidate status or if I need to re-submit and start over before June 10TH 2010 filing deadline. I will call them Monday in Topeka Kansas and find out.


Also read the Election K.S.A.'s at


**Update** February 20TH 2010, 11:51 PM.

I read an article at www.cjonline.com

Lets look at the Laws that are being broken and this will also show the bribes being paid to the Media, to include the www.cjonline.com.






Also see where I filed in Jan 2009. Tim says, "No one else filed to run against Brownback". Tim is a lying Dumbass!!! Look at:..


Then go down to the Governor Candidate Report Filing Section. Find my name Herbert West III, Herbert and click onto the "AT" in the first column. It shows my filing dates and that I was a candidate almost all of 2009. Then also go all the way to the right and click onto the "Termination Letter" and the number above that in the same box. Read up on everyone else while you are there.

**UPDATE** **February 22ND 2010 3:17 AM.**

I set up an online POLL.

If it doesn't work, let me know at, west.herb@yahoo.com It is at:..


Saturday, January 30, 2010

I resign my candidate status as a candidate for Ks. Governor. **Read Clarification Update**

**Update** January 31ST/February 1ST, 2010**!!!


Read below and my comments at the links below.

I will finalize, on Monday February 1ST, 2010 my resignation as a candidate for Kansas Governor. U.S. Senator Brownback has not given permission to the Media to talk with anyone but him and I am tired of waiting while he runs the election! I will update later.

Also see

http://www.kslegislature.org/legsrv-statutes/getStatuteInfo.do Type in 48-203 there.

Governor Parkinson created and accepted an illegal level of troops making them expendable. They are now in Iraq and are being killed off and the other 49 Governors have zero say so. Ask Kansan of the year, Secretary of Defense GATES, and the Topeka Capitol Journals, Kansan of the year Governor Parkinson.

He also is commiting "Human Tracking" of the KNI residents into "The Sweet Life Centers" nursing homes. He sold those for $29.5 million and will be returning to them when he leaves.

Read my comments with links here,



Check out




Sunday, January 17, 2010

www.cjonline.com interview.

Go to


Please read my comment updates under the comments there by clicking onto the article. It was chopped up pretty bad by the writer. Also remember, look to your right here. See the "About Me" paragraph. At the bottom of it click on the

"View my complete profile"

area. Go to the bottom of the page and click onto the other sites there. Also try,


Thanks again, stay in touch.

**Update** January 18TH, 2010. 5:15 PM.



**Update** January 25TH, 2010. 7:56 am.

These should help shed light on the race:..


Read the links provided in the comment section in the next link, I provided:..


And then:..


Thursday, July 16, 2009


You can read below and see what I said earlier about feeling, Kansas Bites. It also explains why I stated this comment and why I feel this way. Currently "KANSAS BITES" right now and has for awhile. I want to become Governor and work towards being able to state, "KANSAS NO LONGER BITES". Until then, I campaign, meet with people and work towards removing the statis we got stuck with! Herbert West 3rd {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

**Update** Nov 10, 2009.

Osawatomie Kansas and the rest of Miami County, as well as the rest of the State, please click here,

It shows the level of corruption in the City and County Government here in Miami County Kansas.


See "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE", to your right under my "ABOUT ME" description. Click onto that icon and go to the bottom of that page. It will give you the other links to my 3 blogs. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I have confirmation, I was correct. The Campaign Fundraiser will be up and running soon.


I received confirmation from the Kansas Ethics Commission today. I was correct in being able to facilitate a Campaign Event Silent Bid Auction using Kansas Lottery Tickets donated by businesses. I will be getting my campaign up and running this week into next. I am being very careful not to rip off my fellow Kansas Residents. I don't want to breech Policies, Rules, Regulations and/or Laws. I will keep you up to date as this campaign evolves. Thanks for your patience and understanding. To much has been done by some of the current Elected Officials without thought or insight into the Kansas people and their rights. I don't want to become a typical politician. I want to become, "YOUR", Elected Official. I want to share my ears my heart and back your rights. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. west.herb@yahoo.com twitter.com/HerbertIII www.herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/

Governor Candidate Campaign, Silent Auction Fundraiser, Update.


I had thought about asking businesses to donate Kansas Lottery Tickets for a Silent Auction Fundraiser. I wanted to approach a businesses and they would have paid $100.00 for the Tickets and then donated the $100.00 in UN-scratched tickets to my Campaign to be Auctioned off at the Fundraiser Silent Auction. I was told by the Kansas Ethics Commission that I was 100% legal except they cannot advise on the use of the State Regulated Lottery Kansas Lottery Tickets. So I called the Kansas Lottery and spoke with Steven Doral. He stated, "He cannot give legal advice". He refused to tell me if I can or cannot utilize Kansas Lottery Tickets. He is at 1-785-296-5700. He can be e-mailed at lotteryinfo@kslottery.net . I could have collected $100.00 worth of Kansas Lottery Tickets, Silent Auctioned them off, met $100,000.00 worth of curious people, explained my political views and collected an average of $50,000.00 in Campaign Funds from these people who came to the Fundraiser Auction, and silent bid and won these Tickets. I am not pleased! I can still get items like TVs, Stereos, Gift Certificate's, etc:.. I feel him being ambiguous has reflected upon my Campaign. He should have to explain the policy per the Kansas Lottery on the allowed use of the Tickets. He is an Assistant Attorney General. Remember that when you vote for the next Attorney General. If your displeased with A.G. Six and his staff, vote for Ralph DeZoga. I will be setting up Fundraisers soon and meeting with potential voters as well as everyday Kansas Residents. Thanks as always, Herbert west 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Senator Brownback is a Liar.

He says he supports Kansas. He is a Liar. Congress secured $35,000,000.00 with the U.S. Senate for the Kansas Bio-Lab. It will cost $450,000,000.00 to build it. Kansas has to match or give equal funds for the project. That is $225,000,000.00. It has set aside $140,000,000.00 so far. If Congress finally gets its $225,000,000.00 in place where is the additional money that Kansas is responsible for coming from? $85,000,000.00 short at present. Yet we have a balanced budget in Kansas? Brownback and his Campaign buddy Roberts are liar's. They cannot show where the $85,000,000.00 is coming from. Look at the money Topeka stole thus far for the $140,000,00.00 debt they refused to disclose. This sucks!!!!! Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. HerbertIII at twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

Silent Auction Fundraiser in the planning stage's.


I will be setting up a Silent Auction with donated merchandise soon. I will be getting items from People and Businesses. I am looking into Lottery Tickets, TVs, Stereos, Gift Certificates, Gas Cards, Green Dot/Visa Debit Cards etc:.. I have contacted the Kansas State Lottery and the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission. I have received positive information in response to my inquiries. The Kansas Lottery is at 1-785-296-5700. I spoke with the staff and left a message and e-mailed Steven Doral in their Legal Department. I spoke with the Kansas Ethics Commission at 1-785-296-4219. Jana informed me that Katrina is the State Candidate worker. I will also be doing free drawings, with no purchase necessary for items at fundraising events also. I will keep you all posted. Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. west.herb@yahoo.com HerbertIII at www.twitter.com

Comment Section Update.

I am not sure why, but the comment icon stopped appearing here on new posts. Look to your right and click onto the "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE" icon under my "ABOUT ME" paragraph. Go to the bottom of that page and click onto my other site and read and/or comment there. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, Candiidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I will be setting up fundraiser's soon.

I will be working with Charities and other Organizations in setting up joint fundraiser's soon. I will get a percentage up to $2000.00 from the ticket price for the events and will be collecting campaign funds at the events also. In a joint event, the charity or organization will also be collecting for their charity or organization. Keep an eye out here. I will be in updating as this evolves. Herbert West 3rd, {Democrat}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2020. @HerbertIII at twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This blog site is a free site and is managed by, Treasurer Herbert West 3rd, for, Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010, free of charge. HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

Monday, July 6, 2009

Threat to my life. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

I had filed a report. Report number 2008-2227 was denied activation by Sheriff Kelly and County Attorney Miller. Miller is at 1-913-294-3181 and Kelly is at 1-913-294-4444. Miller says this threat is ambiguous. My first name was used, my size was referenced, and my party affiliation was used. I was the only Democrat. I hope people facilitate a re-call petition and remove Miller and Kelly. Thanks Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com See http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=2463

**Update** March 21ST, 2010**

Look at:..


We will see. Nicholas Jungman e-mailed me about my concerns with www.kansas.com

I had contacted McClatchy Newspapers in California and the Wichita Eagles Deputy Editor/Interactive, e-mailed me back. My use of my URL use in my posts warrant a spam alert in their software. I use these as a signature. This is a breech of their spam guidelines. I will you posted. Nicholas Jungman is 1-316-268-6467. His e-mail is njungman@wichitaeagle.com They are @WE_Tweet at www.twitter.com I received both of those contacts from my consult with McClatchy in California. They are at ptira@mcclatchy.com or 1-916-321-1855. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It is July 5th 2009. Updates and same/same.

The things that kansas.com tells people. They boast about having over 1 million readers a day at www.kansas.com Yet only about 15 different people take the time to comment with eachother there. 15 people out of 1 million readers? I have found that those 15 people are staff writers who pose as, "Public Comment Bloggers". The site also supports Senator Brownback 100% for Governor and deletes any opposition against him. I keep getting deleted on their site. I will be in Sedgwick County soon, over the next month, to talk with people, directly. They have the right to hear both sides of the Candidate status. Brownbacks opinions and mine. They have the right to boycott the paper. The Wichita Eagle needs taught that people don't like lies and manipulation of their Constitutional Rights. People have the right to the news, and they have the right to express their virews without retaliation by the paper. McClatchy needs to be called out on this also. They own the paper. McClatchy is at 1-916-321-1855 or ptira@mcclatchy.com The Wichita Eagle is at 1-316-268-6000 or psiddall@wichitaeagle.com . Thanks as always for your open minded reading of my posts. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blessing to KILL!!!!!!!!!!

In August 2008 I was threatened with my life while I was a Candidate for Sheriff. Sheriff Kelly refused the activation of the report I filed. The FBI demanded I file with him and await his answer. That was 8 months ago. Then County Attorney Miller, refused to look into it. So, a gunman who made a threat to my life is seeing he has the blessing of Sheriff Kelly and County Attorney Miller who refused to investigate the threat. The Secret Service says its a threat. So did the Kansas Highway Patrols Internal Affairs/Professional Standard Unit. John Lennon was threatened 1 year before his death. President Ronald Reagan was threatened 2 years before he was shot. The more the lazey bribe taking Government refuses to investigate threats the more these people kill. Look at Roeder killing Dr. Tiller. I demanded Sheriff Kelly and Miller be arrested for obstruction and the FBI refused. So did the Attorney General. The KBI also takes bribes. I have purchased a Shotgun. I have been told, I cannot use it even in self defense. I have looked into buying a handgun and taking the conceal carry class. The CCH desk in Topeka knows me and has communicated with me. I want this individual to know, I will defend myself. Kelly and Miller cannot grant this asshole the right to kill me. Yea, I am a Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. What if jackass wants me out of the Governors race? Fuck-em, I am not leaving the race. The Miami County Sheriff is at 1-913-294-4444, the D.A. is at 1-913-294-3181, the Kansas City FBI is at 1-816-512-8200. The San Diego FBI is at 1-858-565-1255. The e-mail for the KC FBI is www.kansas.city@ic.fbi.gov Keep me alive, file complaints and rermove their bribe taking asses, LEGALY!!!!!!!!!! Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. west.herb@yahoo.com HerbertIII at www.twitter.com

The kansas.com Wichita Eagle are "BIGOT'S".

I comment on the WE BLOG section of the website for the Wichita Eagle. It is at kansas.com under the opinion icon. They recently buried it there because they are wanting hide the opportunity for people to comment there. They structure it to look like a public forum page. It is commented on and/or staffed by their staff and writers. They censor the posts/comments. I had posted that Senator Brownback gave a "NO HARM NO FOUL", approach on the Congress apology in regards to slavery. The website, kansas.com removed my comments and put me on moderation status. This makes them "BIGOT'S". They can be reached at 1-316-268-6000. Their www.twitter is WE_Tweet McClatchy, who owns the paper/website is at 1-916-321-1855, or ptira@mcclatchy.com This propaganda and censorship has to be exposed. Herbert West III, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. west.herb@yahoo.com HerbertIII at www.twitter.com

Views on some current events, topics.

Pre-Confirmation hearing, Sotomayer: I don't see where skin color should be used to facilitate a job description. From what she decided, Hispanics and Blacks scored low so the whites can not have promotions. Did the whites recieve any training or tutoring that the Hispanics or Blacks were denied? Was their secret training that only whites recieved? People ask and demand for equality and then when they fall short they scream "Affirmative Action". When this is abused or even allowed, it achieves one thing, that being, Bigotry. Skin color of difference delegating over another. The equal access to training and the training itself has not been questioned. The training Core Curriculum was not challenged. The equal access to that training, again was not challenged. It was and is within Equality. Equal Employment access.

Madoff: The money went somewhere. It is traceable. Those that currently have it, are conspirators. File on them and get the money back. People in the business world and investment world look at both sides. They don't blindly except anything. They are required to disclose their assest's on the taxes for example. The money can be retrieved.

The Holcomb Kansas Coal Plant in Kansas: The permit was for a completely different design and the regulations they used to inspect the design have changed. I cannot get a Building Permit to build a house and then change my plans and build a Skyscraper, using the same Permit. Lisences and permits are specific based on requests. I commend the EPA in this decision. The Governors of Kansas need held accountable for their attempted manipulation of their authority they abuse. Sebelius and now Parkinson, abuse their authority. When Elected I will not abuse muy authority. Nor will I allow anyone else this "Stupidity".

Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. west.herb@yahoo.com HerbertIII at www.twitter.com www.herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I re-filed and became a Candidate for Kansas Governor today.

I had filed January 14th 2009 and was upset with politics in Kansas and resigned my bid about a month ago. I decided to re-file, and did, today. I don't like the current structure and misuse of our Constitution. I won't elaborate alot in this post. I will keep everyone posted and update as I move ahead in this process. I give my word, I will not resign again. I have found that 1 person can make a difference. I have found that 1 person can listen to many and repeat what their desires. I feel I can speak for Kansans and their neighbors. Thanks again, and please give me a second chance. I did not collect any money, nor will I start collecting now. My struggle did not cost anyone any money, nor will it ever. Herbert West III, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor 2010. HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

Saturday, June 27, 2009

wen2k.com Miami County Corruption update.

I posted at wen2k.com again. It explains the crap in Miami County. It is at http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=3918 I am just tired of seeing people thanking Soldiers getting killed by giving away all their rights that the Soldiers are dying to preserve and protect. Herbert West 3rd, HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

Friday, June 26, 2009

Paola PD and Extortion/Racketeering?????

People have complained that Paola PD, in Paola Kansas, write's to many tickets and increased the ticket writing to increase revenue to pay for a new Jail/Police Station and Court House, as a Justice Center. Chief Smail contend's, "They write fewer ticket's in comparison to the prior years stat's." He withheld that the fine amounts are double and triple that of the State Highway Patrol or the County Deputies fine amounts. He withheld the State gets a flat fee of the fine/court cost amount for the State Budget. They still are within 5% of the prior years stats on numbers of tickets written. The double and triple fine amounts have not detered people from getting tickets. Paola has a 100% conviction rate on traffic tickets in City Court. That is ODD. The rate increases happened at the same time the State passed a resolution to recieve an additional fee of the fine/court costs of each City Ticket. The Highway Patrol and the Sheriff's Deputies have the right to be concerned. Paola PD in it's actions for writing alot of tickets and charging double and triple fines are setting the tone, that the Highway Patrol and the Deputies are Derelicting Duty and committing Malfeciance. Basically, if Paola PD feels the fine amounts deter traffic problems, and they write the same average number of tickets, they are trying to state the fine amounts deter traffic problems. Yet they still write the same average number of tickets. So does the Highway Patrol and the Deputies. Paola has shown stat wise, that the number of tickets doesn't deter traffic problems, not does the double and triple fines. I, also again, feel the 100% conviction rate on city traffic tickets is ODD. No other City or County or Highway Patrol has a 100% conviction rating on traffic tickets in Kansas. NONE!! This shows Extortion and Racketeering. They cannot justify the ticket amounts. The amounts have proven statistically, that the amounts do not matter in detering an allegid problem. The problem is, "Paola PD Extorts and writes false tickets knowing Judge Shultz will always find everyone guilty. This shows a "Predispositional Prejudice" on her part. This proves, Extortion and Racketeering. The Legislature in Topeka wants to use these falsified stats and increase the Uniform Code fines and allow the Municipalities to regulate and give authority to regulate the Kansas Highway Patrol and the County Sheriffs' and their Deputies. Municipalities do not regulate nor authorize Sheriffs', their Deputies or the Highway Patrol. Legislature's need called out on this and told they cannot falsely manipulate the fines to Extort more money, period. The Deputies and the Highway Patrol have not increased the number of tickets they write, nor have their fines increased. On July 1st of this year, 2009, costs will increase $10.00 and an increase on the surcharge will be $11.00. To campare the fine amounts, look at K.S.A. 8-2118 at Kansas.gov Click on the Government icon on the home page. Then click on the Legislature icon. Then type in K.S.A. 8-2118 and read the Statute. Compare it to the Municipalities at "Kansas Standard Traffic Ordinances" using a yahoo or google search. I was told the new fine amounts will not be on-line for 2 too 3 months, by Chief Smail of Paola PD, but a copy of the schedule of fine amounts can be picked up at the Justice Center in Paola, Kansas. Herbert West 3rd, HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

Monday, June 22, 2009

Food Processing Company, Update/Announcement.

I have looked into a Food Processing Company. I want to start my own company. I have many recipes for relishes, sauces, dressings and marinades. I also want to open a BBQ restaurant. 1000 gallon Kettles are about $24,000.00 each. Stainless Steel Wine Barrels are about $158.00 each. I can use these and steam the Barrels in a handmade steam box/cooker. I will keep eveyone updated and let you know when it is up and running. I will be canning and selling jars and bottles of these sauces etc:.. also. I have about 18 sauce, relish, marinade and dressing recipes. I also know how to make Pastami, Corned Beef Brisket etc:.. I know how to weld and will be able to bulid a BBQ Pit and Grill. I will feature a full Menu. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner foods. I am looking into the final few details and will be approaching people I trust and getting investors. Thanks again, Herbert West 3rd, HerberIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jace Mills or Kansas Kid Conservative, asked me questions and then refused to post my answers. Here is the questions and answers.

Name: Herbert West 3rd
Age: 42
1. Are you an official candidate for Governor {have you filed the necessary paperwork to run for Governor}?

Answer: I was an Exploratory Campaign Candidate. I filed January 14th 2009. There are currently no full candidate's. Only Exploratory Campaign capacity Candidates.

2.Have you actively campaigned for Governor of Kansas {meeting with Kansans etc:}?

Answer: No, not currently or after filing January 14th 2009. I spoke with a few people and a few agency's. Nothing extreme.

3. What is the main reason you are running for Governor?

Answer: I have resigned my Exploratory capacity. If I re-file it will be to give the State back to the citizens of Kansas. I see to much Personal Agenda and Ploiticians who do what they want and they refuse to do for Kansas Citizens. I want to represent Kansas and its citizens, I don't want to be a buddy with Legistation. I want to function under a citizens agenda.

4. Are you a member of the Democratic Party?

Answer: Yes I am a Democrat. I belong to the Democratic Party.

5. What is your Political Ideology?

Answer: I believe in people and involvement. I don't belive in Political Blind Faith. I believe in "For the People By The People". Unfortunately people feel their only responsibility is to vote every 4 years and that's all that is required. I also do feel there is a need to show people their efforts in getting involved will be respected, honored and utilized. I don't believe in using Topeka as damage control to cover for corruption and personal agenda.

6. Do you regret staying, "Kansas sucks" on your twitter page?

Answer: I don't regret stating, "Kansas Suck's". I feel Kansas doe's suck right know. The Politicians seem to listen to each other and they refuse to listen to us. They steal our children's future. They steal our present resources. They finance wants and and let needs run neglected. They twist the Law for personal use. I am displeased with Kansas and feel it sucks. It is fixable, but those things that cause it to suck need to be exposed, stopped and fixed. I want to be able to tell the truth someday that Kansas no longer sucks. This is an uphill battle.

7. Do you believe you had {or have} a chance at becoming Governor?

Answer: I feel I have a chance. I feel people are pretty fed up with lie's. All the others are currently Elected Individuals. I cannot name anything they have done in these Elected positions so far. I have never lied or made promises. I remember where I come from by not leaving. It is not my geography I refuse to leave, its my devotion to people, my neighborhood, my neighbors, my fellow Kansans and my ideals for a Democracy. I believe in old fashion respect and values. I feel that I am more in touch with everyday people. I refuse to only acknowledge those who I need votes from. I recieved 1/3 of the Sheriff against a 22 year Law Enforcement Veteran. 3596ish votes my first time as any kind of candidate. I spent $700.00 to file and about $75.00 to campaign and recieved 1/3 of the votes. I beat two 10 Veteran Steet Cops in the Primary. On got 66 votes and the other got 2, "Write In Votes" in the General Election. I beat 15 others who an average of 4 "Write In Votes" each. The other candidates spent a couple of thousand dollars, each. Again, I spent $75.00. The "Write Ins" happened to be on the Ballot record with President Obama or just to be on a Presidental Election Ballot. I am alright with that.

Herbert West 3rd, June 16th 2009.

These are the questions I was asked and I answered them. Jace Mills, Aka: Kansas Kid Conservative calls these answers, "RANTS". I hope peole read these and judge for themselves. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com