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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kansas Politician's profit from American Soldier's Death's!!

When I went to work in Kansas at, the Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, I was forced by Kansas law to buy into the K.P.E.R.S. plan . It is the State mandated Retirement-Pension plan. When I got sick with Factor V Lieden I had to go on full disability. I found that the state of Kansas doesn't regulate this company. They refuse to make them pay me my proper benefits. In this, as a disabled Paramedic, I live homeless. The Governor's office and the Attorney generals Office refuse to intervene. Along my 10 to 11 year fight with them I unfortunately lived in a nursing home. It was a 80 bed nursing home. They declared to the state that 380 people lived there. That is 300 people at $4000.00 a month payed by Kansas tax dollar's for people who do not exist. $1.2 million a month!!! This went to Tennessee, the corporate office. It came back as Federal Bond issue money. The Politicians in this state profited from this. Know that we are at WAR they call it "cutting through the red tape"?? This policy is supposed to benefit our troops only. For instance, in WWII, penicillin was rapidly developed past the "Red Tape" to help the troop's with trench foot. Know a days the pharmaceutical companies "Cut through the Red Tape" with false Statistic's like the 300 people who do not exist in nursing home's. Pharmaceutical companies are under law suit do to this. This is because people "DIE"!! Attorney General Phil Kline pushed for H.C.A. to take over the Hospitals in our area. He also put GlaxoSmithKline in place at KUMC Hospital. The Department of Defense in Wyandotte County Kansas refuses to investigate because the Corporal in charge became the D.A. in the same county. He know blockades investigations for the A.G. Phil Kline. Our health care is being Sabotaged and our Troop's will continue to "Die" if politician's and TERRORIST like Corporal Jerry Gorman thrive. Please complain to our so-called Government and remind them we are their BOSS. For the "People By The People". I feel A.G. Phil Kline is related to GlaxoSmithKline. President Bush gave a executive order, "Uncover Every Stone No Matter Where, How Large or Small To Stop Terrorism". Please demand this order to be followed, not manipulated by a few "TERRORIST" pointing where they feel like. Thank You for your time Herbert L West 3rd, "CONCERNED AMERICAN"!!!


Myron Holter said...

Good Luck in your campaign for governor.

Feel free to visit our web too

God Bless,

Myron Holter
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Topeka KS 66614

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Herbert L West 3rd said...

Thank you for caring and commenting sir. God Bless, Herbert West III, Candidate.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to allow it as long as you read it. Your writing is terrible. If you are going to post on the web while running for governor you should at least have another person proofread for you. Your grammar and usage were bad enough it distracts from what you were trying to say. I cannot take you seriously as a candidate. People in public must be able to communicate correctly.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

The comment boards don't provide spell checks. I am more intersted in issues instead of typos or grammar. Basically, you feel lies are allowed if spelled properly. Truths are not allowed if they are miss spelled? I am working on typos and grammar. The comment sections also stutter when we post on them. They use a varied speed, user, format board. Example, DSL, Cable, AOL, Yahoo, Suddenlink, High Speed, Low Speed, etc:.. I will keep working on typos and grammar. I refuse to 100% except that people refuse to read on opinions when a few words are miss spelled. As long as they can pretty well figure it out, they will keep reading. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Note to the English-deficient idiot running for Governor: not every word in the English language ending in the letter 's' requires an apostrophe. If you can't talk, write, or compose a rational thought, you shouldn't be allowed to walk your dog by yourself, much less run for governor.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

The apostrophe shows, "POSSESION". It is being used correctly, per spell check.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

I wrote this article in 2005.

Preston Idaho attorney said...

I really disagree with what Bush did sometimes.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

Thanks for sharing. I like to see positive comments.