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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Who knew what????

When the Anthrax scare came about Congress felt it could "Justify" stalling the mail process. This limit's our Constitutional Right's to an Unabridged Access to our Congress. They want us to call or e-mail so that the e-mail and phone call spying that has been exposed can be utilized. If they investigate themselves, we cannot do to they can declare "Double Jeapardy". They knew this all along!!! What else do they know. Why is it hard to believe that Congress is "Dirty"!!! They are killing our Troop's and stomping all over our American Right's.!!!! They are "PUTSCHING" our Government system. PUTSCHING is "A Swift and Hostile Takeover Of a Government"!!! Please complain and Salvage our Right's. If we do not we loose!!!! How many people have to DIE before it bother's you enough to care???? If you wait it will be your problem because all the people who care to help you will be DEAD!!!! Thank You

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