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I filed October 8TH, 2013 and became a Candidate for Kansas Governor for the 2014 Election. I also became a Republican. Feel free to contact me. @HerbertIII on twitter. west.herb@yahoo.com , 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/ These websites are being used as an "In Kind Contribution", as they are mine and free through Google Blogger. See "Fair Market Value" at the, Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission's webpage. Posted by Herbert West III Campaign Treasurer for, Candidate for KS Governor 2014, Herbert West III, (R). E.I.N. 80-0953936.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

www.cjonline.com interview.

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**Update** January 25TH, 2010. 7:56 am.

These should help shed light on the race:..


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Prince of Thrift said...

I'm still trying to figure out where I have heard of you before. I guess it really doesn't matter though, because I won't be voting for you.

BTW, who will be your running mate be? You have to have a running mate before the primary or at least that's the way the typical Kansas Governors campaign has been run.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

Having a running mate is Kansas Law. I am actively looking as I go through this process. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read this blog. Thanks the author for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

remember to read the comments at the article also. I clarified the things he with held. He tried to portray me as a Bigot. I am not a Bigot. Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

Please Herbert......
Tell us who killed the female found on 69 Hwy? When was the last time you were there? Is this connected to the girl missing from Belton? Will you be brought in for questioning like you were with the case of the murdered girl in Johnson County? Did Frank Kelly (Mi Co Sheriff) have something to do with this death too like you accused him of with the other girl's disappearance/death?

We gotta know! It's gotta stop! That's all I have to say about that!

Anonymous said...

Are you really a candidate? Can you explain the stuff posted on wen2k.com about you?

Herbert L West 3rd said...

Yes I am a candidate. When the dumbass Sheriff Kelly refused to investigate Kara Kopetsky it opened up the case to any one and everyone to investigate. I still have the families permission to look into that case. This new case is still under investigation and I am not looking into it. That would be obstruction. I am still tired of pussies who use fake names and taunt people just to get their rocks off. Go figure. Again, I was never brought in for any investigation for any missing girl. I was asked what I felt I knew about a case. I was never detained!!! Where you fucked up, is you fowarded these requests to my inbox. I can get supeanas and find out who you are. Thanks again!!!!

John R. said...

I see your removing your own comments from your site. I got a kick out of the one that you removed. I wish I would have got a copy of it before you deleted it. You sir are a coward!

Herbert L West 3rd said...

I only removed fake name, weird linked comments sent by others. I am not a coward.