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I filed October 8TH, 2013 and became a Candidate for Kansas Governor for the 2014 Election. I also became a Republican. Feel free to contact me. @HerbertIII on twitter. west.herb@yahoo.com , 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/ These websites are being used as an "In Kind Contribution", as they are mine and free through Google Blogger. See "Fair Market Value" at the, Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission's webpage. Posted by Herbert West III Campaign Treasurer for, Candidate for KS Governor 2014, Herbert West III, (R). E.I.N. 80-0953936.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I know. Try to Understand.

**UPDATE** February 24TH, 2010. Please read the lower part of this post and the links provided before taking the "POLL". Either way, thanks for your participation.

I re-filed and am back as a Candidate for Kansas Governor this February 22ND, 2010. I ask that people try to understand the circumstances that have evolved and that they keep an open mind. I will keep everyone updated. Remember, I have a "POLL" at


Please read post/article below before you take the "POLL",


and my earlier post/article,



Anonymous said...

When will you realize you are nothing but a joke? Nobody takes you seriously. I bet when Holland beats you this August he will do it with out one advertisement speaking about you! You have no chance of ever becoming Governor of our great State. I invite your reply if you even have the balls to post my comment and reply with more than calling me an idiot or a dumbass please. That shit gets old Herbert!

Herbert L West 3rd said...

Fake named responce answered with a real name responce. Bull Shit!

Anonymous said...

You are a fraud! You are not fully a candidate. Have you completed your petition? Nope! Have you paid your filing fee? Nope! Are you a real candidate? Nope! You are an idiot!!! I know you can't get over 1,000 people to sign a petition to get your name on the ballot. You truly are a fucking dumbass. Do you suck cock? Yes! Is your name going to be on the ballot in August? No! I bet you will reply to this comment like a child and act like a little bitch or not even post it. Anyways I have sent this to everyone who post at CjOnline so they can see if you really post all your comments or not you little homo!!!

Herbert L West 3rd said...

Anonymous Fuck Up!!!! Who are the other candidates running mates? When did they pay a filing fee? I don't need a petition. Do I suck cock? No! Will I be on the Primary Ballot in August? Yes! Are you a total fucking idiot? Yes! Are you a scared fucking idiot who is afraid to use your own name? Yes! Your family is so lame they named you, "Anonymous" as a birth name?Hell yea!!! Thanks for sharing, I needed a decent pathetic laugh tonight. Go fuck yourself and good night.

Anonymous said...

Mr West,
I can't believe that any SERIOUS candidate for Governor of the Great State of Kansas would EVER use language like that...especially in written form. I will vote against you and I will actively advise others to do the same. You sir, are an imbecile not worthy to be elected as dog catcher. Go crawl back under the rock that you came from.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

Again, I am not a candidate to give up my rights. I find it odd that an asshloe like yourself feels you can use vulgar and offish language but other cannot. Welcome to equality, dickhead.

Anonymous said...

WOW Herbie...Kansas REALLY needs to increase its budget on mental health hospitals! What mental hospital did they dismiss you from when Kansas cut their budget?

Maybe after you're elected Governor you can do something about that, and then commit yourself so you aren't wandering around in public being a danger to yourself and others.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

Are you smart enough to understand, "Go Fuck Yourself"? If not, I will make sure you get a consult.