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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Taking back our State.

Why have we let 165 Legislatures and 1 Governor take our State away from us? Lets reflect. Kansas Voters elect their Legislature's and Governor. Yea, we the people the citizens of Kansas, would be the Registered Voters of Kansas and their families. By Kansas Law, every State Representative is up for re-election in this Aug/Nov 2010 General Election Cycle.

All 125 of them.


There are also, 40 Senators:..


"Write Somebody Else In". Make sure that you have convinced everyone else, in your Representative District, to "Write In" the same name. Then if 2/3 or more of the State Representatives are removed, by their Districts, we can start in taking back our State. Here is what we are up against.

We either:..

..1. Keep, Re-Elect them.

..2. Write in a name to replace each of them, in Nov 2010. If the "Write In" candidates get the most votes, we win.

..3. If someone is "Written in, wins and doesn't want it, the Governor Appoints the vacancy to fill their replacement. The Representative who lost cannot be re-appointed, they would have just, LOST!

..4. If they are "Written In" and want it, they keep it, they become the Representative.

..5. If all Districts consider this, to support each other, we can take back the State.

..6. If and when elected Governor, I will be appointing vacancy positions, as Governor, and listening to each and everyone of you.


The procedure is as follows:..


It doesn't specify what happens or which party decides, by convention, after a General Election Canvass vacancy has occurred. So read:..


..7. Senator Holland will not buck the Legislature. Look at his Voting Record over his Senate Career:.. http://kansasvotes.org

U.S. Senator is just as bad if not worse. Joann Heffington is so lost she thinks God is on her payroll.

..8. How would I fill these Vacancies caused by the people use of a "Write In"? Lets further define, "Write In". If the same name is used more in a "Write In" space on a General Ballot, that name wins. If that person did not campaign, they can decline to accept the position and then the position becomes vacant. If they choose to stay, they can. Again, if 2/3 of the Legislature cannot be available by the January 2011 Session Opening of the States Legislature, I as Governor will have to appoint the replacement. I will accept "Appointment Applications" and then I will introduce all those people who submitted Applications for Appointment", to the Districts they chose to Represent and the people of that District will let me know who they want. You don't have to be a Registered Voter to help in this last part. All I need is a clear front runner or a clear decision given to me as a, "Nomination for Appointment". I will then ask the "NEW LEGISLATURE" to retract a few new B.S. Bills/Laws that the removed Representatives passed this 2010 year.

..Take back our State, educate and vacate their positions so we can, "Take Back Our State". I don't want to be elected to steal from you or to cover my ass as a current "Legislative Thief". I gain no more than you all. Please don't let them continue in taking us all to the cleaners.

**Update** April 16TH 2010.

Evil_Little_Bunny below in the comment section is a dumbass. Please refer to the article/comment section at:..


**Update** April 29TH, 2010**

Read http://moralmatters.org/Com21907PoliticalExtortion.html

**Update** May 02ND, 2010**

Lets look at the bigotry in Kansas Politics.


Kris Kobach doesn't need to be the Kansas Secretary of State. We don't need a "BIGOT", in, "OUR", Government. I am leaning towards Chris Biggs. He seems fair, thorough and issue orientated.


Thomas McCracken said...

Are you truly a candidate or a joke? Do you honestly feel you can win both elections? Why are you obsessed with sexual acts with young children? Just asking

Thomas McCracken
Hiawatha Kansas

Herbert L West 3rd said...

Who says I am obsessed with sexual acts with young children? I am helping one family, find one, missing 17 year old, asswipe!! Anyother stupid questions?

Evil Little Bunny said...

Woman Hating ASSHOLE!!!

Herbert L West 3rd said...

I don't hate women. I understand them. Your a pathetic little fuck up, Evil_Little_Bunny! Yea, I commented at www.cjonline.com that women have mood swings and that they have hormone changes during their period and during pregnancy. It is a normal response to both those matters. I feel that women should have to see a couselor and their Doctor for "Late Term Abortions". If a woman wants a abortion do to "Incest or Rape" I also asked, "why do they wait 6 months and then have an abortion"? Why don't they have an abortion after being raped? I feel that these hormone changes might play a role in the "Late Term Abortion" decisions. Evil_Little_Bunny could care less about woman or their lives. He is just a loud mouth jackass!

Anonymous said...


This is Gail Trembley from Topeka, I just had to comment about your behaviour. You would never win an election with the mouth that you have and not being able to control your temper. That is definitely not a way to govern a state.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

And people like you who expect me to learn to take it up the ass because your special doesn't negate any kind of proper facilitation of humanity either!