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Friday, March 4, 2011

February 28TH, 2011 Update.

I am posting my letter of resignation as a Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012, here. It is self explanatory.

Page: 1 of 2 February 28Th, 2011.

To: Miami County Kansas Clerk


Kansas Governmental Ethics

Comes this February 28Th, 2011. I, Herbert West 3rd, do hereby resign my position as a Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012 and stop my campaign accordingly. I have spent zero in 2011 and have collected zero in 2011. I have witnessed acts of, Larceny, Profiteering, Privatising, and have been illegally evicted. I was Strong Arm Extorted by the Sheriff's Office, the County Attorney and the County of Miami County Kansas. I was forced from my residence by illegal force and without regard to my rights to a District Court Hearing. My Boarding House Room was broken into and I had stuff stolen as well as my computer was destroyed. Sgt. Minckly refused to do an update and he stole my shotgun. I later got it back. That case number case# is 2010-1599. I was threatened by Representative Vickreys son and Deputy McDaniels and Sgt. Cornelius covered it up. Jennifer McDaniels, and Sgt. Randy Cornelius took bribes from Mike Davis, the Miami County Zoning Director. I have witnessed the Miami County Republic Publisher be allowed to steal information from the Sheriff's Office and has been allowed to use this stolen information free of charge do to her relationship with Sheriff Kelly. Sheriff Kelly has committed felonies and is allowed to remain Sheriff. He is allowed to lie and fraud the need for a $18 million dollar jail to launder the stolen money and the loss of revenue from the illegal activity of giving information free to the Miami County Republic. We, as citizens of Miami County will have to pay a higher sales/personal property tax, to fund this form of prostitution. I won the 2008 election by default. Sheriff Kelly committed a felony in September 2008. This made his ballot position illegal and the votes are legally considered, "Dead Votes". I don't need to become Sheriff to expose the corruption in this County.

Page: 2 of 2

His son is allowed to remain a suspect in the Kara Kopetsky case. The County/City commits Felonies by allowing Grain Alcohol at the "Roots Festival". This a Felony. The discrimination of only allowing one family to have a family reunion is a form of discrimination. I ask, "How much sales tax doe's Miami County Citizens babies asses generate during the ""Roots Festival""? am tired of arguing with Terrorists. I am tired of being around people who commit Treason. I was investigated for, "Sexual Exploitation of a Child", because I turned in a Child Molester to "Child Protective Services" in Topeka Kansas at the S.R.S. Hotline. Sheriff Kelly was covering for Guido Rutledge who was and is being investigated by S.R.S. for endangering his minor children. Guido owns "Bonita Flats", a strip club in Olathe Kansas. He is at 1-913-226-5018. I am tired of the lame excuses and the games being played. I am tired of the abuse and sale of children in this County. I am tired of the "House Call Strippers" in this County. I am just tired of the "Child Endangerment and the Extortion" being committed by the Sheriff's Office. I am tired of the EMS being allowed to endanger us all and the County Commissioners thinking they own us. They don't!!!! I could write a book about the crap in this County and the connections up into the State level. I will just finalize by asking again, "How Much Sales tax Doe's Your Babies Ass Generate During The ""Roots Festival""?

Herbert West 3rd____________________________


I faxed letter this to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission and hand delivered it to the Miami County Kansas County Clerk on Monday, February 28TH, 2011. Thanks for hearing me out.

lets look at more information in regards to the above letter.

1. This letter was published in the Miami County Republic Newspaper.



A task force aimed at investigating options for solving overcrowding at the Miami County Jail was officially formed last week by the Miami County Commission.

During their March 2ND meeting, commissioners appointed 19 community members to serve on the panel, which was scheduled to have its first meeting at 6.m. Tuesday at the Miami County Administration Building. The meetings which will take place the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month through July, are open to the public.

Former Commissioner Lyle Wobker, who repeatedly asked has questioned why his recommendations for the committee were not approved, is not on the task force. He had suggested that himself and Joshua Furnish serve on the approved list. Commissioner Rob Roberts said it was decided that one nomination would be accepted from Wobker and one from new Commissioner Danny Gallagher.

The names of the task force members were read at the meeting. They include John Hammond, Don Jordan, Larry Summer, Kirk Johnston, Raymond McLanhan, Ronald Wood, Jan Sykes, Josh Furnish, Bruce nelson, Beverly Shane, Nate Apple, Pete Pueser, Pat Tagler, Trish Whisler, Jackie Davis, Stephen Feinstein, Dave moll, Mark Williams and Bill Butler. The five county commissioners, Sheriff Frank Kelly and Miami County Sheriff's office employee Andrea Martin also are expected to be a part of the group.

There was other things listed in the letter/article but it did not pretain to this subject.

I find it very disturbing that Bill Butler would be allowed to sit on a County Task Force as he is the Administrator of the Osawatomie State Hospital. He is also the Director of Security there. His wife, Patricia Butler is a nurse there. She keeps releasing State Mental Health Files. Psychic files to Sheriff Kelly illegally. He is on the Miami County Republican Party Board. Patricia is the Chairwoman. Bill Butler is the Chairman of the Silver haired Legislation in Miami County Kansas. They are using their Republican connections to launder information Illegally to each other and the Party. Governor Brownback is using these files to close K.N.I. and to manipulate Privatizing the State Hospital Patients into Private facilities. That is a form of servitude. Commissioner Rob Roberts is the Miami County Kansas Republican Party Treasurer. The patients will be sent to the private sector like, The Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Hospital in Gardner Kansas. This is wrong for two big reasons. Money and structure. In State Facilities, the inspectors have no road blocks. In Private Facilities, they are stonewalled and blocked from investigating these facilities and making sure the patients are safe and cared for by the book. Financial? When a patient is in these facilities the State pays about $5,000.00 a month in insurance for each patient. Any money left over at the end of the month is returned to the State, Medicare/Medicaid fund. In a private facility, the left over funds are kept and used for non-medical functions. And they provide less care and steal our tax money. Governor Parkinson, Governor Brownback and a lot of Legislatures have stock in Private Companies who are based out of State. They are getting bribes/kick backs for allowing the closure of these facilities. That is SERVITUDE!!

I have stated before, Sandy Nelson, publisher of the Miami County Republic, is getting the Sheriff's Office reports from the Sheriff's Office for, "FREE". Everyone else, to include other Media Outlets, must pay $3.00 a report. She doesn't have to pay because she is sleeping with Sheriff Kelly and the paper is still operated as a Republican Newspaper. Sheriff Kelly wants the tax payers in Miami County to come up with $18 million dollars for a new jail. Sandy Nelson is not a $18 million dollar hooker/prostitute.

Further Prostitution! The Strip Clubs in Johnson County also did Craig's list strippers and Hotel Call Girl's. They now changed it to Cupid.com Some of these girl's work in the Private Facilities. That is where they get their drugs. They are Nurses, CNA's, Physical Therapist etc:.. Governor Brownback knew that Lt. Governor Collier did, and still does, Breast Implants for the Porn Industry. Patrick Brady, who ran for Governor in 2010, owns, "Pawn Your Sex Tapes" . Senator Holland provides the Internet Software for this company. They profit from the Cupid.com "House Call Girl's", and the Internet Porn Industry. That is why they want the Clubs shut down. People watch the Clubs to see who goes to them, to include politicians. If these girls visit the homes instead, there is no regulation. that is Prostitution, Tax Invasion, Drug Dealing etc:..

I am also concerned with the availability and the Illegal allow ability of alcohol above the Federal 2.3 level at the Roots Festival in Paola Kansas/Miami County Kansas every August.

Please look into this, I am tired of the Illegal Activity's.

**Update March 11TH, 2011**

Under Sheriff Mark Schmidt has informed me that, "There will be no investigation into Sgt. Wayne Minckly". He further states, "The Deputies can pull their guns without justifying this action at anytime". Steven Culp, with the KSCPOST, has confirmed this policy. "COPS are allowed to shoot and kill people without probable cause"!! I am demanding that these, "TERRORIST", be removed.


******************Update September 10Th 2011**********************

I scanned the Sheriff's Office report and it can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. I realize I promised the named individual I would not continue to post the information. I have decided that Sgt. Cornelius and Deputy McDaniel, need to be removed from the Sheriff's Department for falsifying a report. They further committed, "PERJURY", K.S.A. 21-3805 in falsifying the information to aide Al Massoth in the Law Suit I had filed against him. They refused to document that it was an Off Duty Deputy who drove Jene Vickrey's son, Jacob to the house. Not the party that they named in the report. I had filed a complaint for "Phone Harassment" against Al Massoth and it was still in Court Preceding. I will be pursuing legal action to remove all parties who broke the Law.

Furthermore, I posted somemore information. CLICK HERE It shows who Sgt. Cornelius and Deputy McDaniel lied about. It also shows Jacob Vickrey, Jene Vickreys son, who was there. I feel they committed "SERVITUDE"


Lets look deeper into Sgt. Wayne Minckly and Guido Rutledge. What is wrong with girls going to peoples houses and stripping for cash? They are under age! These girls are between 16 and 18. They strip for guys who are under 18. They are acting like a live, "Playboy or Hustler Magazine". That is, "Sexual Exploitation of a Child". They falsified a report against me because they what to say I am retaliating in my comments here. Miami County has always rewarded those who don't snitch and they punish those that do snitch. Applebee's gave free dinners and held a party for the kids who refused to snitch out the people who provided alcohol to kids for a pasture party. The kids who gave the information to the Sheriff's Office were suspended and punished. Read, http://wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1372

How to further prove the High school kids are getting under age girl visits? Do a sweep on their cell phones. Look for patterns and frequent numbers dialed. Example, Guido had a second phone on his cell line. The girl i spoke with used it to set up, "So called, Dates". This will show that the people called or called her, are athletes at the K-12 public schools. It will also show that these are all minors. If the kids come clean they should not be punished as adults. they are children. The adults who are exploiting the kids need charged and convicted as adults. A statistic sweep is not invasion of privacy. The Federal Government is obligated to review any and all allegations they receive. I am contacting them on this and demanding that they review the allegations to protect these children. using a cell phone to set up a, "Strip Date", is a form of, "Sexting" and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexting !! It needs to stop. How many of these girls are raped by their adult escorts, who deliver them to these boys? How many of these boys are threatened and beat up for telling on these adults? Where do you think Hustler gets his, "Barely Legal Girls", for his videos? The "End Zone" brags about have connections with the, "Bunny Ranch" , in Nevada. Look at, "Sex Tourism", , and also note, Kansas doesn't utilize the Center for Missing and Exploited Children Resources!! That is scary!!!! http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PageServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US&PageId=1346 These illegal activities have to stop.
I suggest that you visit the links below and contact anyone and everyone on the list to get help for your kids and to stop the "Sexual Exploitation" of them.

K.S.D.E. Kansas Department of Education: http://www.ksde.org/

K.S.D.E. Staff Directory: http://www.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=1639

K.B.I. Kansas Bureau of Investigations:

F.B.I. Federal Bureau of Investigations: http://www.fbi.gov/

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PublicHomeServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US

Communication and not giving up is the best and safest approach to expose and remove these bullies. Save a kid, get involved!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! This just keeps getting better, you're a train wreck I can't look away from.

Anonymous said...

Sir, have you ever considered that you may be a "Targeted Individual?" You sound like a prime case, this might be worth looking into.


Anonymous said...

Just curious? Why did you come into my checkout today buying nothing but baby oil and a Teen People?

Herbert L West 3rd said...

I have not shopped anywhere today, asshole. Care to say where you work?

Donnald Trust Inc. said...

Hey thanks for the idea on the advertisement business. It should make us millions! I contacted a copyright legal firm and they said you did not meet international copyright laws. so if I base this business offshore I will be free as a bird. By the way we are in the process of securing a international copyright for this idea. Have a nice day, and again thank you for helping our business!

Herbert L West 3rd said...

To: Donnald trust Inc. I registered the idea with the I.R.S. and I did a "Poor Mans" Copyright as stated. I also sent it to every FBI Field Office. You bore me!!! My E.I.N., Employer Identification Number is: 45-1473168

Anonymous said...

FYI I am in the process of opening up a restraunt that only features recipes inspired by your ideas. I am going to make it non-profit and give all said proceeds to Al Massoth for the pain and suffering you have put him through.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

That would make you an assessory to 24 years of federal Tax Evasion, etc:.. Knock yourself out. I have many recipes and I am not afraid of fools like you!!!!