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I filed October 8TH, 2013 and became a Candidate for Kansas Governor for the 2014 Election. I also became a Republican. Feel free to contact me. @HerbertIII on twitter. west.herb@yahoo.com , 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/ These websites are being used as an "In Kind Contribution", as they are mine and free through Google Blogger. See "Fair Market Value" at the, Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission's webpage. Posted by Herbert West III Campaign Treasurer for, Candidate for KS Governor 2014, Herbert West III, (R). E.I.N. 80-0953936.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I started a new business.

On April 5TH, 2011 I started a business. I received an E.I.N. from the I.R.S.. An E.I.N. is a Employer Identification Number. I am listed as being a, "Marketing Opinionist". My offerings are at http://usabusinessadvertisements.blogspot.com I have facilitated a "Poor Mans Copyright" on these offerings through the F.B.I. and the I.R.S.. Feel free to contact me at west.herb@yahoo.com or send me mail at 1601 E. Peoria #123, Paola Kansas, 66071.

I have started a new website for my Business. It is at, CLICK HERE, It is called, "Marketing Matters HLW3RD D.B.A.". Thanks again.

I updated the sight recently. You can see how Governor Brownback and Attorney General Derek Schmidt have attempted to jeopardize my business and hinder an average of $352,851.00 in Federal Tax Revenue, Illegally! Look at http://www.calcxml.com/do/inc02 and http://www.calcxml.com/do/inc05 They show an average of how much tax I will pay based on how much you think my company will make each year. I will file as a "SINGLE" status.


Mike Hunt said...

All your businesses belong to me bitch!

Herbert L West 3rd said...

I will be filing if you breeched the Poor-Man's Copy Right. I will be filing aCivil Complaint eith the US District Court in KCK.

Herbert L West 3rd said...

I can prove I e-mailed the IRS, and 20 to 30 FBI Field Office's.

Mike Hunt said...

A poor mans copyright will not hold up in court! Plus in 1994 I mailed myself quite a few open envelopes so if need be I can show I came up with the idea in 1994 :)

Herbert L West 3rd said...

To the last post, BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Father Kimble said...

Have you ate at the new restraunt on the square? It's called the French toast hut it's got some pretty good food you ought to check it out!