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Friday, June 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean was ripped off.

Mr Lewis stated, "Carrie was not required to go to the same sex function as Miss California. She could go just as Carrie Prejean". If this were true, he tried to cohearse her views. He had her fired based on lie's. If she was not required to represent California or the Miss California Title at the event, she should not have been fired for not going. He feels he can tell her how to answer and if she refuses she will be fired. Why have a pageant if he decides the answers? He runs it as if they are "PUPPETS". She was fired for being an individual. He is looking for PUPPETS. He is a Pageant Pimp!!!!!!!!!!!!! He suck's!!!!! Herbert West 3rd, HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

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