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I filed October 8TH, 2013 and became a Candidate for Kansas Governor for the 2014 Election. I also became a Republican. Feel free to contact me. @HerbertIII on twitter. west.herb@yahoo.com , 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/ These websites are being used as an "In Kind Contribution", as they are mine and free through Google Blogger. See "Fair Market Value" at the, Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission's webpage. Posted by Herbert West III Campaign Treasurer for, Candidate for KS Governor 2014, Herbert West III, (R). E.I.N. 80-0953936.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jace Mills or Kansas Kid Conservative, asked me questions and then refused to post my answers. Here is the questions and answers.

Name: Herbert West 3rd
Age: 42
1. Are you an official candidate for Governor {have you filed the necessary paperwork to run for Governor}?

Answer: I was an Exploratory Campaign Candidate. I filed January 14th 2009. There are currently no full candidate's. Only Exploratory Campaign capacity Candidates.

2.Have you actively campaigned for Governor of Kansas {meeting with Kansans etc:}?

Answer: No, not currently or after filing January 14th 2009. I spoke with a few people and a few agency's. Nothing extreme.

3. What is the main reason you are running for Governor?

Answer: I have resigned my Exploratory capacity. If I re-file it will be to give the State back to the citizens of Kansas. I see to much Personal Agenda and Ploiticians who do what they want and they refuse to do for Kansas Citizens. I want to represent Kansas and its citizens, I don't want to be a buddy with Legistation. I want to function under a citizens agenda.

4. Are you a member of the Democratic Party?

Answer: Yes I am a Democrat. I belong to the Democratic Party.

5. What is your Political Ideology?

Answer: I believe in people and involvement. I don't belive in Political Blind Faith. I believe in "For the People By The People". Unfortunately people feel their only responsibility is to vote every 4 years and that's all that is required. I also do feel there is a need to show people their efforts in getting involved will be respected, honored and utilized. I don't believe in using Topeka as damage control to cover for corruption and personal agenda.

6. Do you regret staying, "Kansas sucks" on your twitter page?

Answer: I don't regret stating, "Kansas Suck's". I feel Kansas doe's suck right know. The Politicians seem to listen to each other and they refuse to listen to us. They steal our children's future. They steal our present resources. They finance wants and and let needs run neglected. They twist the Law for personal use. I am displeased with Kansas and feel it sucks. It is fixable, but those things that cause it to suck need to be exposed, stopped and fixed. I want to be able to tell the truth someday that Kansas no longer sucks. This is an uphill battle.

7. Do you believe you had {or have} a chance at becoming Governor?

Answer: I feel I have a chance. I feel people are pretty fed up with lie's. All the others are currently Elected Individuals. I cannot name anything they have done in these Elected positions so far. I have never lied or made promises. I remember where I come from by not leaving. It is not my geography I refuse to leave, its my devotion to people, my neighborhood, my neighbors, my fellow Kansans and my ideals for a Democracy. I believe in old fashion respect and values. I feel that I am more in touch with everyday people. I refuse to only acknowledge those who I need votes from. I recieved 1/3 of the Sheriff against a 22 year Law Enforcement Veteran. 3596ish votes my first time as any kind of candidate. I spent $700.00 to file and about $75.00 to campaign and recieved 1/3 of the votes. I beat two 10 Veteran Steet Cops in the Primary. On got 66 votes and the other got 2, "Write In Votes" in the General Election. I beat 15 others who an average of 4 "Write In Votes" each. The other candidates spent a couple of thousand dollars, each. Again, I spent $75.00. The "Write Ins" happened to be on the Ballot record with President Obama or just to be on a Presidental Election Ballot. I am alright with that.

Herbert West 3rd, June 16th 2009.

These are the questions I was asked and I answered them. Jace Mills, Aka: Kansas Kid Conservative calls these answers, "RANTS". I hope peole read these and judge for themselves. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

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Herbert L West 3rd said...

I refiled Electronically, June 30th 2009, and am currently a Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. Look above in the blog posts here. I also answer there, why I feel I am allowed to state and feel, "Kansas bite's".