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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I no longer post at www.wen2k.com

They refuse to disclose people who harrass, threaten and defame character. www.wen2k.com condone's harrassment, threat's and defamation. I post here and at twitter.com as HerbertIII. For the record, I am not gay and I don't dispute that gay's exist. I am not gay, but, I belive in fredom. I believe in equality. People posting at wen2k.com feel they have the right to harrass gays'a and anyone else. They badmouth me because I support human rights, to include sexual expression. I acknowledge same sex marriage. Please consider boycotting wen2k.com . Herbert West 3rd, HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com

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WeNeed2Know.com said...

Mr. West. WeN2K protects YOUR privacy as we would anyone's. We feel it is not our right to take down posts UNLESS they violate our "no hate" (as in hared of people because of their race), no porn (as in no depictions of graphic sex OR violence/mutilation. What is the point? We don't understand how ANYONE would want to post graphic violence or sex or extreme hate positions. We envisioned this website to be a place of exciting knowledge and even a place where our members could generate personal income (Fee2See.com)...a feature, by the way NO other websites really offer. Why don;t they want to share profits? because they are part of a construct that is focused on maximum earnings from exclusive, intellectual property. This empowers the corporation and it's relatively few owners...like the NFL (analogy). WeN2K is the OPPOSITE! We are FOR THE PUBLIC! Mr. West you were one of our FIRST members. OF COURSE we value your membership. It is just that you have made statements and have shown some aggression (as we all do) by not following posting rules. Posting several of the same posts wastes server space. Other members have also had duplicate posts removed. Now as to the personal items posted about you - we have, from our beginning, resolved NOT to take down posts UNLESS, again, if they contain porn or hate. And, Mr. West, you are officially a public figure, by choice, and are an IMMEDIATELY target for criticism, character assassinations, lies, etc. AS a "public citizen". You have also had forum to respond to your detractors and accusers...using language of YOUR choice! And we cannot stop you and would not unless...there were pornographic content or hate content of an non-newsworthy nature. So we welcome you anytime you wish to post as your/all suspension/s have/has been removed. Thank you for your membership! WeN2K Team!